10 Benefits of Social Media Marketing

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Social media marketing is among the most critical aspects of any marketing strategy. According to marketing software vendor Hubspot, 92% of all marketers believe social media increases their business’s exposure, and 80% believe it boosts Web traffic. Read on for ten specific benefits of using social media to market your business effectively.

Why Use Social Media Marketing

1. Brand Recognition

Marketing on social media is a great way to promote your brand’s uniqueness and content. You become recognizable to new customers, and more familiar to existing ones. And apathetic customers become better acquainted with who you are and what you have to offer.

2. Brand Legitimacy

Consumers searching online for information about a product or brand are more likely to trust those with a social media presence. According to research company Ballihoo, 63% engage with a brand that has available information on social media.

3. Develop Brand Loyalty Through Social Media Marketing

Texas Tech University researchers report that companies using social media to market themselves have higher brand loyalty levels than those that don’t. And researchers at Sir Padampat Singhania University in India point out, “A strategic and open social media plan could prove influential in morphing consumers into being brand loyal.”

4. Customer Conversion

Social media marketing offers outstanding opportunities to win new customers. Using blogs, videos, platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, or, ideally, all of these, every post has the potential to draw new customers to your store or your Website.

5. Better Customer Insights

Via tactics such as monitoring social media comments, you can gain access to precious info about your customers, such as their likes, their dislikes, their shopping habits, their ages, their incomes, their geographical locations, etc.

6. Industry Influence

As a company gains more followers through social media, its influence increases. So the greater your presence on social media networks, the more influence you’ll have not only among consumers, but among other companies in your own industry.

7. Lower Marketing Costs

Experts at the Hubspot report that for 84% of companies, as few as 6 hours a week of carrying out marketing activities on social networks is enough to increase traffic. Moreover, paid adverts via Facebook and Twitter are cheap compared to non-digital channels.

8. Improved SEO

Marketing through social media can substantially improve search engine results. Google and other engines create rankings using a company’s social media presence because robust and reliable brands nearly always are frequent users of social media.

9. Enhanced Customer Interactions

Every social media interaction is an opportunity to show your company’s high quality of customer service—and to do so publicly! This enriches your customer relationships, shows that you care about customers, and promotes your company as reliable and trustworthy.

10. Increased Sales

This is the big one, of course. Engagement through marketing on social networks increases sales. In fact, brands with a strong social media following can expect sales from as many as 71% of those followers, says research company Ballihoo.



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