10 Digital Marketing Activities to Boost Your Engagement

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Using digital marketing can make you feel like you’re juggling knives; you need multiple weapons in your digital marketing arsenal, and you need to manage them all carefully. But what digital marketing activities should you be doing?

Digital Marketing Activities to Boost Your Engagement

Here are our top 10 digital marketing activity recommendations…

Digital Marketing Focussed Web Development

With today’s focus on social media, this one can get shoved to the side. But a stunning website with the right features and functionality to promote engagement, is the foundation on which all other digital marketing should be based.

Use The Power Of Online Advertising

Make sure you have a year-long strategic plan for this, and not a hit-and-miss program. And be sure you get the most for your money. You might also want to consider call tracking, incase people call you from a pay per click landing page instead of filling out a form.

Get Great Traffic From Social Media

Your posts should drive traffic to your website, and they should enable customers to get to know and love your brand so they are more likely to buy your product or service when they are ready.

Be Mobile Friendly

Content viewed on a mobile device is increasing at a rapid pace as more and more people use smart phones and tablets to access content. Everything you put online should be optimised for the mobile user. Don’t have a website that’s unreadable on a mobile phone.

People Love Video

This one is coming on strong in 2015 and will continue to do so in the near future. Does your company have an engaging online video?

Blog – The Key To Inbound Marketing

Not as sexy as it was five years ago, but more important than ever. Offer fresh and meaningful content, and do it regularly. Never neglect your blog. Find out what information your potential customers are looking for and impress them with your answers and knowledge.

Monitor Results

Don’t pursue digital marketing in a vacuum. Track and analyse, increase your knowledge, and gain insights into your customers. Do more of what people respond to and less of what they dont… put your potential customer at the centre of all you do.

Effectively Email People

Like some other techniques mentioned here, it’s not new, but it works. Be aggressive but not obnoxious about getting and using email addresses. Remember though to use this in line with your inbound marketing strategy – send emails to the right people, with the right (relevant) content, at the right time.

Have  A Consistent Message

Don’t confuse customers and prospects by presenting different faces or tones on different platforms. Strive for consistency.

Be Innovative With Your Digital Marketing Activities

Experiment with new digital marketing platforms. Have you checked out Instagram or Snapchat? Get there before the competition does. Test out what different types of posts and content work best and be sure to measure and compare the results

Now you’ve got our top ten digital marketing activities list, so take action and start today!


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