Digital Marketing Tips for Accountants

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Digital Marketing Tips For Accountants

We have a number of accountant friends so we thought we would write a “Digital Marketing Tips For Accountants” guide as they are always asking us for advice about how they can improve their online marketing.

Accountants are highly knowledgeable when it comes to numbers, of course, but some are less knowledgeable about marketing. So here it is, our top  “Digital Marketing Tips For Accountants”. Enjoy.

Have a Digital Marketing Program

In the past few years, smart accounting firms have increasingly moved toward digital marketing as a means of attracting and keeping customers. Rather than using traditional marketing methods (such as print, radio, and TV advertising, plus cold-calling and paper-based direct mail efforts), the wisest accountants are now taking advantage of what the Internet has to offer. They are harnessing the power of digital marketing.

Have a Digital Marketing Strategy

To optimise results, an accounting firm should establish and implement a detailed and well-thought-out digital inbound marketing strategy. This must include tactics in areas such as search engine optimisation (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), and social media. While they are at it, the company should investigate ways to use digital media that go beyond marketing, for such things as customer service and recruiting talent.

Use Social Media

At first (ten years ago or more), the shift away from traditional marketing methods moved toward email-based marketing programs. Within the past three or four years, however, forward-looking accounting companies have begun undertaking more flexible solutions, especially social media digital marketing programs.

Realise that Social Media Is Not Just for Networking

Too many accounting businesses still think social media is only for recreation and networking. But savvy firms have moved beyond this attitude. As early as 2012, Hinge Marketing’s “Online Accounting and Professional Services Firms Marketing Report” investigating the use of digital marketing by 57 firms with an average of 420 employees and revenues of $41 million. The study found that smart accountancy firms had already begun to embrace digital marketing strategies, such as using social media as a way to attract new customers and generate income.

Know that Digital Marketing Neutralises Geographical Boundaries

The Hinge report also stated that, thanks to the Internet in general and digital marketing in particular, geography no longer presents the marketing challenges of the past. Instead, potential customers are simply seeking the best products and services. They tend not to care where the company that offers these might be located.

Think “Relationships,” not “Post It and Put It behind You”

A successful internet marketing program requires continuing participation by the accounting firm. Social media and digital inbound marketing are about building relationships, not about blogging once per quarter or tweeting once a week. The best programs engage in ongoing conversations online, thus building trust and nurturing relationships along the way.

Admit that the Competition Is Already Doing It

Finally, know that your competition is already using social media. The Hinge study found that nearly 3 out of 4 financial services providers intended to increase their online marketing presence by 23 percent over the next twelve months—and this was in 2012! In 2015 and beyond, the company that undertakes a digital approach to a marketing program is positioning itself for success in the future.

Talk To Us…

Do you need help with your digital inbound marketing strategy or are unsure where to start? Talk to us and we will be happy to help with further advice and suggestions.


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