Effective Social Network Marketing

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We are asked regularly to talk about concepts and methods for both businesses and individuals to help them with effective social network marketing. Through concepts such as having a goal, building your brand, knowing your audience, calls to action, you will have the upper hand on spreading your message on social networks to have the greatest amount of reach.

The most important thing to do in regard to social network marketing is to have a goal you want to achieve. Do you want to build a fan base? Spread your message and create buzz around your brand? Sell a product? Or connect with others? Also you need to consider what mediums you want to be posting across. Do you want to be posting on Facebook, twitter, Google+ or Instagram? We recommend trying to get content across all of them but focusing mainly on the social networks that work best for your business model.

Types Of Social Media Content

The type of content and frequency of posting can greatly affect your effectiveness of social network marketing. Building a fan base is about providing value so people have a reason to like your page, shareable content helps you spread your message, selling a product can be done by posting photos of your product combined with Facebook advertising (though we wouldn’t recommend hard sells on social networks) and connecting with others can be done with question style posting for greater engagement.

Next, whether you are a personal brand or large company, you need to build a brand around your image. What does your brand or company stand for, what message do they want to share with the world. Being consistent in this message across all the content you post can help followers better identify with your message.

After this, you need to learn who your followers are. Find out what types of content do they like and share the most, what types of demographics do they fit into and the reasons why they like your page. The best thing is networks like Facebook often provide this information for you, but you’re allowed to reach out to your fans as well to build personal relationships! This will help you better craft your message so they are more likely to share, comment and engage on the content you do share.

Lastly, there is the call to action, likes and re-tweets are exciting but often do not move your business or brand forward like you need it to. Be sure once you’ve built up enough of a following to post your product to make some sales, get them to sign up to your email list (emails are still the most reliable way to get in touch with people) or get them to refer your brand to their friends.

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