How To Develop Great Website Content

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How To Develop Great Content

Writing quality website content on a regular basis, can be quite a demanding process as well as being a challenge to maintain content freshness and audience interest. I must admit that although we help clients with their content, it still remains a challenge for me.

Having a strong process behind what you need to do on a regular basis often helps. So I thought I would share my process with you, with the hope that you too can create regular quality content that people respond to.

1. Know Your User

In order to create website content that will engage your audience or potential clients, spend some time getting to know them. One of the things I do is to create profiles of the types of people that we would like to work with. This profile includes:

  • The type of company they work for or own
  • Their age and where they are geographically
  • What they may be interested in
  • Where do they spend their time when it comes to social networks
  • What questions do the usually ask and what are their pain points

Once I have a profile, I am able to better understand my audience and by doing so can be more effective at speaking to them and have more chance of them engaging with me.

2. Deciding On Themes

Brainstorm some themes or categories that are relevant to your website and to your user profiles. Think about the services that you offer or the products you sell. For example our themes/categories include:

  • Pay Per Click Advertising
  • Organic Search Marketing
  • Social Networking
  • and so on

The idea is that you post articles into each theme/category on a regular basis.

3. Researching Keyword Phrases

Research relevant key phrases for each theme/category and think of other variations of that key phrase. This forms the basis of your keyword strategy. A good starting point is to look at your Google Webmaster Tools and see what terms people are already finding you for. When you are done your should have something like this

The idea is that you choose a focus key phrase for each article. Not only will you use this key phrase within the content, as part of the title or in the meta description, you can also use it for your content research.

4. Setting Up A Website Content Calendar

A content calendar is a great way to keep you focused on getting your content published in a regular manner. It allows you to plan out your content for the month, what subjects you will be covering, what type of content will you publish, what content will be added to which theme or category, what focus keywords you can use for each article and so on.

You will also be able to make sure that all your audience profiles are covered and clearly see what response you had to any offer made.

You can also include post publishing comments or engagement data. This will help you to review past content and see what worked better. You could base this on:

  • Social shares
  • Comments
  • Time of day most viewed
  • Day of the month most viewed

Content Calendar Example

5. Researching And Development

Use your key phrases to search for content on search engines. Look at industry related sites, forums, Linkedin groups, Google+ groups, Facebook groups and other content places such as Slideshare or blogs. From there you can form further content ideas by:

  • Answering peoples questions
  • Have an opinion about some latest industry news
  • Provide your thoughts on trends
  • Educate people further
  • Provide insight into recently published statistics
  • etc.

Continue your research further and go deeper to source information to support what you are telling people. Find statistics, infographics and quotes. These all help create a great article that has substance to it and more importantly that people trust.

In Conclusion…

Regular blog or article publishing on your website will not only boost traffic to your website but also leads. “B2B Companies that blog only 1-2x per month, generate 70% more leads than those that don’t blog at all” (Hubspot Survey). However when writing articles its important to provide the reader with what they want and not necessarily what you think they should hear.

This is how we do things and it may not work for you, but however you go about creating content for your site, find a process that works best for you and gives you the results you are looking for. More importantly though, a process that makes content development an enjoyable experience for you and a worthwhile read for your audience.

So research your audience, research your key phrases, research for ideas and research deeper for additional article substance.

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