How To Use Social Media To Win More Customers

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Before looking at some tips on how to use social media to win more customers, here are some interesting figures that we have found and put together for you.

Why Social Media Is Great For Finding New Customers

Why Social Media Is Great For Finding New Customers.

If you sell to the public, social media marketing is a vital resource that can enable you to attract and keep customers. What’s the best way to use it? Here are some tips.

Match The Social Media Platform to the Target Audience

Think about your customers to determine which social platforms they’re likely to be using. Younger customers are likely to use Pinterest and Instagram, for example, so if this is your target market but you’re limiting your social media activity to Twitter, you could be missing some opportunities.

Check Out the Competition

Do some research into the social media marketing campaigns of other companies in your field. What are they doing? What seems to be working? Have they abandoned a particular social media platform or approach? If so, chances are it was ineffective. Learn from your competitors’ mistakes.

Have a Social Strategy

Don’t use a scatter-gun approach and cross your fingers that it will work. Instead, take the time to devise a strategy. Set measurable, realistic, and time-based goals. Then devise specific steps that can be taken to meet these goals. Reevaluate your strategic plan at frequent intervals, and revise it as needed.

Focus on the Customer

Make sure all your social marketing is centred around your customers. What do they need and want? What will attract their attention? What will engage them and make them want to respond? Don’t just post about what your company is doing–post about what your company is doing for the customer!


Social networks work well when its a two-way street. Engage with your customers. Encourage them to respond, and respond to them in turn. Give advice. Reply to feedback. Offer to help. And do what it takes to make them happy.

Be Active

Whatever your chosen social network might be, stay active. Don’t let your Twitter feed languish with no tweets; don’t let your blog lie fallow for weeks at a time. Keep your profiles updated, check often for messages and responses, and post new information regularly.

Don’t Be Unrealistic

Finally, don’t expect instant and miraculous results. Your YouTube video probably won’t go viral overnight. Social media is a process, so follow these tips with reasonable expectations, and the results are sure to be rewarding for both you and your customers.


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