Inbound Digital Marketing – How Effective Can It Be?

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Like a magnet inbound marketing will attract the right people to your website and if done right will help them stick with you and what you say.

“Inbound digital marketing” refers to promoting a brand, product, or service online via blogs, videos, podcasts, eBooks, social media, and so on to attract attention from potential customers. It stands in contrast to older, more traditional and non-digital promotional methods, such paper mailings, cold-call telemarketing, and print, radio, or television adverts, which are referred to as “outbound marketing.”

The philosophy behind inbound marketing is that rather than reaching out to potential customers (via, say, a cold telemarketing call) and hoping to gain their business, it draws people in with content; such as Twitter tweets or blogs that are of interest to them.

The Best Thing About Inbound Digital Marketing…

Is that it works! More and more businesses are using it as part of their marketing strategy

For nearly ten years, inbound digital marketing has been leading the pack among effective ways of marketing, both on- and off-line. It has quickly outpaced other online marketing methods, such as spam and bought adverts.

Some Great Inbound Marketing Stats
Data Based on Hubspot’s State of Inbound Marketing Report

One appeal of this digital marketing method is that it treats the prospect not as a bag of money, but as a partner or a member of a community with shared interests.  Instead of putting up ads and passively hoping for sales, as an inbound digital marketer you present high-quality content that:

  1. fascinates and entertains,
  2. creates interest,
  3. fulfils needs,
  4. attracts prospective customers to your company/brand/product/service, and
  5. informs them about what you have to offer.

With inbound digital marketing, you align your company with prospects through useful and interesting online content posted in blogs, social media, videos, and so on. By so doing, your business readily gains prospects that you can convert to satisfied customers.

Additionally, if your content is truly compelling you can gain word-of-mouth traffic as your content viewers circulate links to your pages among their “cyber-acquaintances”, thereby doing your marketing work for you!

So inbound digital marketing not only works, it sets up a win/win situation for you and your customers: you provide them with useful information, and they in turn will, ideally, provide you with sales.

The bottom line? If you’re not already marketing to your customers in this way, you should be. So start moving forward with this digital marketing strategy today!


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