Google Advertising – Is It Worthwhile

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I have had a number of businesses that we work with ask me if they should be using Google advertising tools.  My answer every time is yes, and here’s why…

Is Google Advertising Worthwhile

Ways You Can Advertise With Google

There are 4 ways that you can use Google to advertise your business

  • Search Ads
    Text adverts that appear on search results pages.
  • Display Ads
    Graphic banners that appear on other websites and blogs.
  • YouTube Ads
    Video adverts that appear before videos on YouTube.
  • Mobile Ads
    Adverts that appear when visiting websites, using apps and using Google search on mobile devices.

What Makes Google Advertising Worthwhile

There are so many reasons to justify using Google Ads. Here some of the most important that you should consider.

People Who Click Adverts In Google Have Buying Intent

People don’t randomly click Google ads. By clicking your advert, they are signaling that they are interested in what you are offering either to find out more information and enter your sales funnel or to become a client.

Everything Is Measurable

Everything about your campaign is measurable. This gives you the ability to deeply drill down into metrics that will give you a clear campaign performance picture. By better understanding what is working and what is not, you can make better decisions about budget, target, keywords, etc. and improve the effectiveness of your campaign.

Google Advertising Is Targeted

When setting up your advert campaign you can be very specific about where, when and how your advert is shown. This means that by specifying the area, the type of website, day or time of day you want your advert shown, you can focus your campaign for greater success.

You Get Immediate Results

From the moment you have completed setting up your initial campaign, you could start to see results. They may not be great to start with and that’s okay, remember that until you start to build a clear picture through your measurement data you wont be 100% sure what works and what doesn’t.

The good news is that the moment you adjust your campaign to be better targeted or change your keywords for better performing ones, the changes take affect almost immediately.

Google Adwords Is Taking Over The Search Result Pages

You may have noticed recently that the Google search index pages are pushing organic search results much further down the page and the ads are more prominent.

This means that people are more likely to click relevant ads than scroll down the page to view organic search results.

“But organic results have a greater trust with users” I hear you say, and until recently I would have agreed with you. However, ads have changed. They used to be really cheap and poor quality. Now with Google focusing on quality score and businesses bidding harder, ads have needed to become a great deal better and more relevant for the user. This means that people are now starting to click on ads more often.

Did you know that 64.6% of clicks for high commercial intent go to paid ads in Google?… something to think about.

You Control The Spend

Google gives you full control over how much you spend each day. This means that even if your business has a low budget, you can still benefit from using Google Ads.

Adwords Is Scalable

It doesn’t require more effort to get more leads. Google Adwords is highly scalable. If you create an Adwords campaign that is performing well and converting at a profitable rate, you could increase the spend on the campaign and increase results in relation to your increase in spend. This makes Google advertising highly effective for businesses.

Your Competitors Are Using Google Advertising

If your competitors are using Google advertising, it should be worth looking at, at the very least. There is a good chance that its working for them and generating them more business. Most businesses don’t manage their campaign properly and there is a good chance that if you do, you could even out perform them.

Yeah We Tried Google Ads… They Didn’t Work For Us

I hear this often from people we talk to about digital marketing strategies.

More often than not the reason why their campaigns haven’t worked is down to…

  • how the campaign has been setup
  • unrealistic expectations
  • unrealistic budget
  • poor targeting
  • poor landing page
  • Poor advert
  • poor keyword usuage
  • …I could go on

The common thread that we have noticed in these cases is that there has been no proper measurement or campaign management. Often campaigns are quickly set up with broad keywords and just left. This means that there is no campaign optimisation and the ad budget is just used up without delivering results.

So if your campaign hasn’t performed in the past, you need to consider why and, by looking at your tracking data, work out what needs to be done to make it work for you and your business.

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